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November 2018 global temperature falls 0.12C

Global averaged surface temperature for November 2018 was 0.63C using my spherical triangulation method merging GHCNV3 with HadSST3. This is a fall of 0.12C since October. The baseline used is always 1961-1990. With just one month to go this ensures … Continue reading

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October global temperature is 0.75C

Global averaged temperature for October 2018 was 0.75C based on merging GHCNV3 with HadSST3 and using spherical triangulation. This is a fairly large rise of  0.14C since September. The baseline for temperature anomalies is always 1961-1990. The annual value for … Continue reading

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Towards an understanding of Ice Ages

An Ice model driven by NH insolation but adjusted for dust albedo does a pretty good job at reproducing the last 8 glacial cycles. Details are described below. Prior to the Mid Pleistocene Transition (MPT) roughly one million years ago,  … Continue reading

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