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A comparison of HadCRUT4.6 using Icosahedral binning

The classic HadCRUT processing calculates average surface temperatures on a 5×5 grid in Latitude and Longitude. To calculate the global average a spatial weighting of cos(Lat) must be applied. The main advantage of using a more complex 3D Icosahedral grid … Continue reading

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Icosahedral binning

A recent post by Nick Stokes has started me thinking again about the use of 3D Icosahedral binning of temperature data. Their major advantage is that all bins are of equal size on the earth’s surface thereby removing artificial spatial … Continue reading

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September global temperature falls 0.04C

These results use a spherical triangulation of land (GHCN) and ocean (HadSST3) temperature data with a baseline of 1961-1990. Since August I have been forced to update to GHCN-V4 land temperatures since GHCN-V3 has been discontinued. September shows a small … Continue reading

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