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Lithium in Chile

I just returned from the Atacama desert in Chile, where I was surprised to discover that 30% of world Lithium production comes from the Salar de Atacama. This huge salt flat covers ~3000 square km and is the driest (non-polar) … Continue reading

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Visualising Spherical Grids

I have found a much faster way to display spherical grids based on IDL object graphics. This uses OGL hardware support. I chose the warmest month ever recorded (March 2016) to show  results. First here is the grid rotated about … Continue reading

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A 3 year study of UK Power Generation

Electrical power generation is critical for modern life. If your house draws too much current then the fuse will blow. Exactly the same logic applies for the whole UK each day to meet peak energy demand. Without power for  the  water supply, sewage treatment , transport, … Continue reading

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