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Station Data Viewer

This is a 5-year old interface to view CRUTEM station data. Enable Flash to view it. Zoom in by dragging a rectangle. Click on a station to view the long term trend. Click anywhere to zoom out. The graphs show … Continue reading

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Lithium in Chile

I just returned from the Atacama desert in Chile, where I was surprised to discover that 30% of world Lithium production comes from the Salar de Atacama. This huge salt flat covers ~3000 square km and is the driest (non-polar) … Continue reading

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Visualising Spherical Grids

I have found a much faster way to display spherical grids based on IDL object graphics. This uses OGL hardware support. I chose the warmest month ever recorded (March 2016) to show ┬áresults. First here is the grid rotated about … Continue reading

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