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How to normalise temperature anomalies

Update 2/7/17: I used the wrong GISS data (land only) in the comparison as pointed out by @cce! Agreement now is reasonably good for all temperature series. This is my crib sheet for comparing temperature anomalies across ground and satellite … Continue reading

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Central England Temperatures – Spring Record

The Met Office announced that this Spring saw record temperatures in ¬†Wales and Northern Ireland. England was 2nd warmest behind 2011, while Scotland was ¬†fifth warmest. However it was the Central England Temperature (CET) record which seems to have hit … Continue reading

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Mid Pliocene Warm Period

Is the warm period in the Mid Pliocene analogous to today’s warming climate? If so can we use it to infer future temperature rise? This is what Wikipedia says: The mid Pliocene warm period is considered a potential analog of … Continue reading

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