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30 years of IPCC assessment reports – How well have they done?

Over the last 30 years there have been 5 IPCC assessment reports on climate change.  I decided to compare each  warming predictions made at the time of publication to the consequently measured  temperatures. The objective is twofold. Firstly how well … Continue reading

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Spatial integration of global temperatures

The spatial integration method used to calculate the global surface temperature has a large impact on the end result. I am using a 3D method based on  spherical triangulation of the weather stations combined with SST results from HadSST3.  This … Continue reading

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November global surface temperature down 0.05 C

HadSST3 data for November is finally available so that I now could update my global temperature 3D calculation based on GHCN V4 for the land data. There was a small drop in temperature from the peak value of 0.95C for … Continue reading

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