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Does the Moon trigger interglacials?

Why did the last 8 glacial periods only end when the earth’s orbit around the sun reached maximum eccentricity ? This is the real¬†unsolved mystery of the Ice Ages as discussed in previous posts and recently on scienceofdoom. Phenomenology of … Continue reading

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A challenge for climate models

Should we bet the future of the world’s economy based on AR5 projections of future climate change? The earth’s climate has been dominated by a series of glaciations for the last 3 million years. For the last 800,000 years ¬†brief … Continue reading

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Trends in Atmospheric Water Vapour

The basis of IPCC predictions is that any moderate warming caused by increased CO2 levels is enhanced by more evaporation from the oceans. Water vapour is itself a strong greenhouse gas and this increase results in a large “positive feedback” … Continue reading

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