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Visualising 20 years of Climate Change

I have been experimenting with different ways to visualiseĀ triangulated global temperature data in 3D. Here are the monthly anomaly values for the last 20 years. Of course you can only see one side of the earth at a time, so … Continue reading

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EISIC 2012

Just back from a Security Informatics conference EISIC held at Odense in Denmark. I gave an invited talk on the conflict between Open Source Intelligence and Privacy concerns. Here is the abstract. In just 19 years the Internet has transformed … Continue reading

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Temperature trends map

The map below shows the geographic distribution of post 1990 temperature trends derived from station data contributing to HadCrut3 global temperature anomalies. The Had/CRU anomalies are relative to the period 1960-1989 so they all measure warming/cooling relative to that baseline. … Continue reading

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