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HADCRUT4.6 for June 2018

The CRUTEM4.6 weather station data for June 2018 has just been published, which when combined with the HadSST3 sea surface temperature data forms the global average – HadCRUT4.6. The traditional method for calculating this is by binning all the station … Continue reading

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UK Heatwaves and Climate Change

The UK is experiencing a prolonged heatwave which could exceed that of the exceptional 1976 summer. It is an “Endless Summer” – like that surf movie. So is climate change to blame? Climate Change is happening but what that really … Continue reading

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19th Century Volcanic Eruptions

There is clear evidence of a cooling effect in the GHCN-Daily data resulting from large volcanic eruptions during the 19th and 18th century.  If an eruption of a similar size to Tambora were to occur today it would (temporarily) cancel … Continue reading

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