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The Birth of Continents.

This animation of a new Paleo Digital elevation model, appears  rather like a foetus developing. Plate tectonics actually enables life on earth Here is a 3D view of the violent ‘birth’  of India and the Himalayas. and finally the  formation … Continue reading

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The straw that broke the camel’s back

One of the great mysteries of climate science is the origin of the 100,000 year glacial cycles on Earth which have occurred  over the last million years.  These are interspersed with regular “short” interglacial periods coincident  with a maximum in … Continue reading

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Tidal effects in polar regions

The tidal force acting on the oceans generates tidal currents due to the tractional component parallel to the surface. This is because horizontally there is no net gravitational force acting to counteract motion. This tractional force reaches a maximum at … Continue reading

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