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HADCRUT4.6 for June 2018

The CRUTEM4.6 weather station data for June 2018 has just been published, which when combined with the HadSST3 sea surface temperature data forms the global average – HadCRUT4.6. The traditional method for calculating this is by binning all the station … Continue reading

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Has Gaia really been explained?

I was interested in a new paper which claims to be able to explain the Gaia hypothesis, first proposed by James lovelock, that life stabilises the earth’s climate.¬† The paper is described in an article in the Conversation. The paper … Continue reading

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Spatial rainfall distribution

Rainfall anomalies also have monthly spatial distributions analogous to those for temperature. North Atlantic storms in January 2014 brought flooding to Western England. That month’s distribution shows¬† that abnormally high rainfall also affected the western coastlines of France, Spain and … Continue reading

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