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Australia is not getting warmer. It is getting less cold !

Maximum temperatures in Australia are on average not increasing at all. Instead an increase in minimum temperatures explains the ~1C warming observed since 1910. All these results are from ACORN-SAT which have already been adjusted and homogenised.  They are the … Continue reading

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Australian extreme temperatures are falling

The annual range of temperature extremes in Australia is reducing as the continent warms. The annual temperature range is the maximum recorded temperature for that year minus the minimum recorded temperature. The annual continental average is the area weighted average … Continue reading

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Australian Raw temperature results

Homogenisation more often then not increases warming trends. ACORN-SAT is based on 112 stations, many of which are combinations of nearby stations which are then all homogenised.  However there are actually a total 1805 individual stations scattered about Australia, most of … Continue reading

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