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How to normalise temperature anomalies

Update 2/7/17: I used the wrong GISS data (land only) in the comparison as pointed out by @cce! Agreement now is reasonably good for all temperature series. This is my crib sheet for comparing temperature anomalies across ground and satellite … Continue reading

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Carbon Circular logic

The cornerstone of climate science must be the enhanced greenhouse effect caused by rising CO2 levels. Therefore understanding how CO2 may increase in the future is of fundamental importance, and you would assume that any Earth Systems Model(ESM) should as a minimum be able … Continue reading

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Simple Model for rebalancing stable CO2 emissions

As requested by @richardbetts and @edhawkins here is a simple model to back up the arguments from the previous post – Stabilising Climate. Simple Model CO2 levels rise when the rate of change of the sources – S exceeds the rate … Continue reading

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