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Nights warm faster

NOAA’s Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) publishes 3 different monthly temperature sets for each of the ~7000 weather stations. 1) Average Temperatures 2) Minimum Temperatures 3) Maximum Temperatures. Seasonal variations are averaged out over a 30 year normalisation period to … Continue reading

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European Winters

The technique of triangulation of station data allows a neat way of visualising regional “climate change” and also the year to year variation. ┬áHere are two animations for Europe. First a replay of 2016. The second animation shows all winter … Continue reading

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A new Global Temperature Calculation

In recent posts I have been combining GHCN V3C station data with Hadley HADSST3 Ocean data. The station data are located at specific┬álocations, while HADSST3 data are recorded sporadically within a regular 5×5 degree grid. In addition active station locations … Continue reading

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