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How to normalise temperature anomalies

Update 2/7/17: I used the wrong GISS data (land only) in the comparison as pointed out by @cce! Agreement now is reasonably good for all temperature series. This is my crib sheet for comparing temperature anomalies across ground and satellite … Continue reading

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Central England Temperatures – Spring Record

The Met Office announced that this Spring saw record temperatures in ¬†Wales and Northern Ireland. England was 2nd warmest behind 2011, while Scotland was ¬†fifth warmest. However it was the Central England Temperature (CET) record which seems to have hit … Continue reading

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Blog exchange with ATTP

The academic blogger who goes by the slightly pretentious name of … andthentheresPhysics is a dogged character who never concedes any point. When you think you have him pinned down, he wriggles out and insists on having the last word. … Continue reading

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