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September global temperature falls 0.08C from August

Global temperatures for September 2018 were 0.61C based on merging GHCNV3 with HadSST3 and using spherical triangulation. This is a fall of¬† 0.08C since August. The baseline for temperature anomalies is always 1961-1990. The annual average so far (9 months) … Continue reading

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July’s Hadcrut4.6(3D) = 0.65C

My preferred method for calculating the global average temperature anomaly¬† for HADCRUT4.6 is by triangulating the measurements over the surface of a sphere. This gives almost identical results to those of Cowtan & Way but is a far simpler and … Continue reading

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The relationship of CO2 to temperature

Is temperature a function of CO2 or is CO2 a function of temperature i.e. Is T=f(CO2) or CO2=f(T) ? The answer according to Richard Betts is both, because increasing CO2 warms the planet but levels in the atmosphere also respond … Continue reading

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