Easter Walk 2010

Spring is at least 3 weeks later than normal after one of the worst winters in Europe I can remember. Easter monday dawned with a beautiful day for our Easter walk in Colletta. We walked up from Colletta to the original “Castel Bianco” from which the Commune takes its name. Dating back to 1200 the castle protected tha valey from various marauders – first the Albenganesi then the  Saracens. The Castello  was built on a hill comanding a panoramic view across the valley. The walk up from Colletta took about 4 hours taking us up above Varavo and Verallo into clear air and fast flowing  streams after all the recent rain.

Then back to the Osteria and a pleasant boozy lunch – what a relief after all the recent spin and polemics !

Colletta remains a unique beautiful spot.

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