Nazret and Sodere Hot Spring Pool

Hot Swimming PoolScavaging Monkeyp1000112.JPGp1000109.JPGOpen space after Nazret

Today being Saturday we made another excursion south – this time to Nazret about 150 km from Addis. The road was the normal crazy overtaking until Nazret but then we turned off for another 40 km through wild scenery to Sodere resort. At Nazret there is a huge new complex owned by a construction company. The town is large with shops and traders everywhere. On the way to Sodere we went past many traditional Ethiopian houses which are round made with clay/mud bricks with thatched roofs. The fields are all growing Tett which is used to bake traditional Ethiopian bread called Injera. The road itself is also used for herding cattle, sheep and goats often by children and as usual people crossing and walking anywhere.

Sodere Resort was full of locals who come for baths and swimming in the hot springs. It is near to the River Awash (I think). People come here and wash themselves as the water is bath temperature, and they feel it is good for them. The Olympic size swimming pool is also bath temperature, which is weird. There were a pack of small monkeys scavenging food and breaking into everyone’s rucksacks. One of them smashed a bottle of Sprite. Later we drove back to Mazret and had a late traditional Ethiopian lunch which you eat with your right hand. Mine was hot spicy shredded beef and Injera bread. I may have tried too many spices as my stomach is now a little queasy! Anyway back to Addis and I have been talked into running in the Millenium Ethiopian run – let’s see how I feel tomorrow morning ! There will be 30,000 people and some Olympic champions for a 10 kilometre run. I will probably have to walk quite a bit as Addis is high!

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  1. Shelby Oiler says:

    Funny how a good web site is sometimes hard to come by. Delighted I did this great site is the cream of the crop.

  2. Walid Al-shami says:

    Very ,very bad and poor services.
    Very hot , temp : 35 c
    No cool shower but hoooot water temp:~50 c. It was a hell for me and my family.
    We have got a burned skins . The room was Ok , but the toilet was very bad .
    No fan and we could not sleep all night because of warm and moesquitos.
    No room service staffs speak english .
    It was a disaster for us .

  3. janice jackson says:

    My oldest brother was there, back in 2004.He enjoyed the Hot water spring.He said it helped ease the pain that he had been having in his back.He also found and married a young lady there,who is now here in America and they have 2 lovely children. But back to what I was saying,there is also a place there in Sodere that has a mountain or hill with a huge round rock on it.I have a picture of it and my sister-in-laws sister under neath it,making it look like she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders! It’s beautiful!They also have video’s of them in the Hot Spring water.My brother went there twice to Ethiopia and where the hot water is.He loves it there in Ethiopia and one day hopes to live there.Yeah there are the nuisances of flies and mosquitoes ,same here in the states.

  4. Peniel says:

    can some one please post the address(preferably phone number) of sodere?

    • Mike says:

      The place is called hot springs its obvious the water will be hot and thats the way it is. This is a beautiful place to hangout and have a peaceful rest. Obviously if you travelled longtime then things change Africa is growing very fast, Sadore hot springs was wonderful for me l recommend everyone there who loves volcanic spring water. The accommodation was very clean and friendly staffs, yes mosquito can be a pest there but alway carry repellents with you its Africa mosquitoes are everywhere. Its better to do a research before you travel than criticising. Toilets are merely cleaned 2× everyday. Monkeys yes they claim residence aswell there so carry a stick with you, dont live your baggage unattended and alway close your doors hence Monkeys will be doing a spot check on your room? You definately don’t want that to happen l assure you your room will be a right tip.

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