Mercato and Ethnological Museum

Poor traders selling what they have - MercatoDried Chilis - MercatoHeavy Load - MercatoResting Donkeys - Mercato

This Saturday I visited the famous Mercato of Addis. This is Africa’s largest market and consists of about 1 sq kilometre of alleys and streets lined with every possible stall, selling everything and anything. There is an area selling shoes, another selling spare car parts, another selling wood or tools or animals or whatever. What seems like chaos is actually a functioning market and a means for traders and local farmers to sell produce. One part of the market is dedicated to scrap. Here there is the continuous sound of hammers as car parts and metal are taken apart for re-use. Another area sells used tyres for making shoes.

The Ethnological Museum is actually in the grounds of Addis Adaba University. The university was built by Haile Selasie and is very pleasant. The ethnological museum is interesting. It contains relics from the different ethnic areas of Ethiopia, has displays of traditional dress, musical instruments, tools and ancient relics from all over Ethiopia. There are some very old hand written books and texts as well as an art display including religious icons from up to 500 years ago.

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