Return to Addis

Brewery viewBrewery ViewBrewery Waterfalls

I returned to Addis this Monday after a two week Christmas break in Italy. We actually arrived  on the Ethiopian Christmas Day, January 7th. During the break we went skiing in Gressoney which was great and a big change from Africa. Of course, before returning, we picked up some rotten European colds, so on arrival in Addis have been suffering for a couple of days. The weather here is exactly the same as when I left – continuous sun every day and it’s slowly getting hotter I think. Certainly in the evenings the temperature is not as cold as in December.

The last trip I made before Christmas was to the META brewery which is about 20 kilometres away down the Jimma road from Addis. The brewery is actually based on a natural water source in a beautiful park so it is a local attraction. The small stream falls down a 100 metre waterfall and the countryside is very attractive. The beer itself was like Weiss Beer and easy to drink on a hot day.

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