The Birth of Continents.

This animation of a new Paleo Digital elevation model, appears  rather like a foetus developing. Plate tectonics actually enables life on earth

Paleo Digital Elevation model at 1 deg resolution. Map is a 2D Robinson Projection

Here is a 3D view of the violent ‘birth’  of India and the Himalayas.

True 3D rendering of continental drift.

and finally the  formation and breakup of Pangea over the Southern Hemisphere.

View over South Pole, showing a static Antarctica.

Ref: Data source – PaleoDEM Resource – Scotese and Wright (2018)

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5 Responses to The Birth of Continents.

  1. Steve Crow says:

    Amazing! How about a projection a couple of hundred million years into the future?

    Steve Crow

  2. gymnosperm says:

    Fun. The three step herky jerky a couple times is interesting and may be an important clue.

  3. Hans Erren says:

    Your “true 3D rendeing” is also known as the orthographic map projection.

  4. dai davies says:

    Great update on the last version I saw.
    Moon jiggling Earth to optimise land-ocean at opposite sides to minimise tidal stress on land?
    Trend is widening Atlantic which fits.

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