Global Temperature Anomaly updated for June 2020

The global temperature for June 2020 was 0.79C based on my spherical triangulation method. Here are the monthly results based on the latest GHCN-V4 and HadSST3 data as compared to those from original V3C station data.

‘3D’ Global monthly temperature anomalies relative to a 1961-1990 baseline. The dashed red line shows  the long term average from  1998-2019

The temperature peaked in February at 1.1C and has since been falling. The Northern Hemisphere also shows a notable hotspot across Siberia as shown below.

Spatial temperature distribution based on a triangular mesh.

Half way through 2020 we can also calculate the annual temperature anomaly. This gives an average value for the first 6 months of 0.98C. For comparison I also show the results based on HadCRUT4.6 up to 2019. CRUTEM4 station data is not yet available for June 2020.

Annual global temperature anomalies. HC4-3D uses Spherical triangulation. HadCRUT4.6 is the traditional version

2020 looks set to become the warmest year to date, although the monthly trend still appears to be dropping.

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