OSVision was founded in June 2008 by myself, David Horby and Dave Cote. It develops real time systems for monitoring the internet mainly for news media monitoring. The core software is based on the Europe Media Monitor developed at  the JRC and which we licensed. Since then we have been developing in house extensions and solutions for end users and expanding the coverage across languages and sources.

We develop bespoke systems for large clients and custom RSS feeds/newsletters/alert emails for smaller clients. We also provide site monitoring for specific markets/competition and sentoment analysis for customer feedback and company reputations. A big new area is User Generated Content ie. Blogs,Twitter,Facebook etc. and automated systems which monitor largescale responses to issues,people companies etc. More information on http://osvision.com

Our free News Aggregator “Finger on the News”   http://fingeronthenews.com  has some nice features like identifying hot topics, entities and handles 40 odd languages across topics and stories.

Automated News Analysis

Automated News Analysis

2 Responses to OSVision

  1. Kyoji Kimoto says:

    Dear Dr.Clive Best:

    How do you do?
    I have read your interesting essay “Coal-The hard facts”.
    After Fukushima nuclear disaster, hot debates are going on
    as to the energy mix in Japan.Since AGW theory is a fictitious
    science, I believe coal is the best choice in terms of resources
    quantity, electricity generating cost and safety problem. If you
    mail to me, I can send you a E&E paper showing the basic error of
    IPCC’s AGW scheme together with several essays posted to
    “Climate Clash” (http://climateclash.com/).
    I would like to have your comments on my ideas.

    Mr.Kyoji Kimoto

    • Kalopin says:

      Mr. Kimoto,
      Why would Japan not use geothermal, when so much is available? All the unused energy sources, such as regenerational and kinetic, are easily more than enough to do away with the dirty fossil fuels. Please see: http://koolkreations.wix.com/kalopins-legacy “A Few Comments on 2011”

      It is a big money game, that cares nothing for the environment. The wealthhoarders need to know they can make even more from new and safer technologies. There may be many causes for climate change, regardless, no one wants to breathe the dirty air.

      There will be no sure defense from a Lunar impact to the Earth once sea level rise causes an imbalance. Ridding fossil fuels for general electriacal consumption is just one small step in planetary defense. There is so much more that could easily be done…
      Won’t you join me in promoting the facts? :-]

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