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Ocean Heat Content variability.

Kevin Trenberth once claimed that the hiatus in warming from 1998 to 2014 was simply due to ‘missing’ heat being sequestered in the oceans. The annual global heat content to 700m indeed did show a rise, as estimated by measured temperature profile … Continue reading

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The forgotten Milankovitch effect – Tides

The obliquity of the earth’s spin axis varies over a 41000y cycle between 24.5 and 22.2 degrees. The canonical work on calculating Milankovitch cycles has been done by J. Laskar and his team at the Observatoire de Paris[1]. Changes in … Continue reading

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Evidence of a tidal effect on the Polar Jet Stream

Preamble: Our  paper has finally been published in Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment. It proved to be controversial with ACP, but I am 95% certain that lunar tides affect both weather and medium term climate. C.H. Best and R. Madrigali Abstract Variations in the Polar Jet Stream … Continue reading

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