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The Ed Hawkins zonal animation

There is a new animation by Ed Hawkins which shows a comparison of zonal mean temperatures with latitude, between observations and models. It is a very nice animation but it all looked a little bit too good to me, so … Continue reading

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Decadal Temperature Spatial Averages

The ten year averages of temperature anomalies within cells of an icosahedral grid  covering the earth’s surface are shown below.  The images are taken from four different directions. To view each decade yourself using WebGL follow the first set of header links. To enlarge … Continue reading

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Spherical temperature averaging using Icosahedral grids

I reckon that Spherical triangulation of monthly global temperatures is by far the most honest way to present temperature data, but it has one drawback. You cannot make annual or longterm averages because the triangular mesh is forever changing from one month to another. To make such … Continue reading

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