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A new measurement of Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS)

A dynamic analysis of global temperature data  gives a value of ECS = 2.5C ± 0.5C . Values above 3.0C or below 2.0C are ruled out. This analysis is based on two assumptions: 1) That net climate forcing follows that … Continue reading

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The Economic Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

An optimistic prediction for future climate change and impact. Guest Post by Ken Gregory Summary High estimates of climate sensitivity to greenhouse gases assume aerosols caused a large cooling effect, which canceled some of the previous warming effect, and little or no natural climate … Continue reading

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Future warming in Europe?

The following animation shows the 23 decadel averaged temperature from 1861 to 2100 based surface temperatures calculated by CNRM-CM5 (the French GCM) using the RCP8.5 emissions scenario. CNRM-C5 has an average CMIP5 climate sensitivity and predicts a net warming of ~4C … Continue reading

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