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A look at HadCRUT4.6 Icosahedral binning

This post uses the underlying HadCRUT4.6 data to examine the small differences in global temperatures resulting from the choice of spatial binning. HadCRUT4.6  is based on 7680 monthly CRUTEM4 station data and HADSST3 Sea Surface temperature data. Temperature anomalies are … Continue reading

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View NCDC/CRU station adjustments

This map is an interface to compare adjustments made by NCDC and CRU to about 2800 weather stations. Zoom in by dragging a rectangle over a region, and then click on a station. The resultant plot shows  a stack of 4 graphs. … Continue reading

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Why UHI cools the past !

The Urban Heat Island(UHI) effect ‘cools’ the past in CRUTEM4 land temperature series. This may seem counter-intuitive but the inclusion of stations in  large cities has introduced a long term bias in normalised  anomalies. The reason for this bias is that each station gets normalised to … Continue reading

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