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3D visualisation of Earth Science data

WebGL is a Javascript implementation of OpenGL which runs via your web browser locally on your graphics hardware. Nick Stokes has developed an interface to visualise 3D global  data such as temperatures on the earth. Here is an example for my March 2017 data. … Continue reading

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Spherical Triangulation

After 5 days on Heron Island and a narrow escape from Cyclone Debbie, I am now back to spherical gridding! The most elegant method for spatial integration of irregular temperature data must surely be spherical triangulation over  the earth’s surface. … Continue reading

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European Winters

The technique of triangulation of station data allows a neat way of visualising regional “climate change” and also the year to year variation.  Here are two animations for Europe. First a replay of 2016. The second animation shows all winter … Continue reading

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