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A sceptic’s guide to global temperatures

Climate change may well turn out to be a benign problem rather than the severe problem or “emergency” it is claimed to be. This will eventually depend on just how much the earth’s climate is warming due to our  transient … Continue reading

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July temperature up 0.1C

The global averaged surface temperature for July 2019 was 0.75C using my spherical triangulation method merging GHCNV3 with HadSST3. This is an increase of 0.13C since June. This is a large monthly rise but still in line with past monthly … Continue reading

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HadSST4 and knock on effects

The new version of the HadSST4 has reassigned ship based  measurements from before WW II  into the early 1990s. Bias adjustments depend on the fraction of measurements using wooden or canvas buckets and engine room intakes (ERI), which are partly … Continue reading

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