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Spherical triangulation of Hadcrut4.5 = Cowtan & Way

The spatial integration of irregular temperature data (CRUTEM4) using spherical triangulation removes any coverage bias.  I have made a spherical triangulation of the CRUTEM4 station data combined with HSST3 ocean temperature data. This is essentially Hadcrut4.5, but instead of using a (lat,lon) … Continue reading

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A new Global Temperature Calculation

In recent posts I have been combining GHCN V3C station data with Hadley HADSST3 Ocean data. The station data are located at specific locations, while HADSST3 data are recorded sporadically within a regular 5×5 degree grid. In addition active station locations … Continue reading

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Tweaking Global Temperature Data

The “kriging” biases described in the previous post can be mostly avoided by using  ‘spherical’ triangulation. This treats the earth as a sphere and triangulates all measurement points onto the earth’s surface.  In this case vertex angles no longer add … Continue reading

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