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HadCRUT 4.6 temperatures compared

CRUTEM station data for October was released a few days ago. So I can now make a direct comparison of different surface averaging methodologies. The calculated October temperature anomaly for the 3 different spatial averages, as¬†described previously are the following … Continue reading

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Icosahedral Binning

The earth is roughly a sphere so an unbiased method to bin surface temperature data is to treat the surface itself in 3D. Ideally each bin should cover exactly the same surface area, so that the global average is simply … Continue reading

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Temp anomaly for October = 0.69C

I have combined GHCN V3 data with HadSST3 to calculate the¬† temperature anomaly using the same timebase as HADCRUT4, using my Spherical Triangulation algorithm. The resulting global average value is 0.69C. The spatial temperature distribution is shown below. The global … Continue reading

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