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UK Storms 3-6 January 2014

The fiercest storms to hit the UK last winter were two successive depressions between January 3rd and January 6th. The first storm brought flooding to Dorset, Aberystwyth and Northern Ireland. The second storm seems to have spawned  off the first and … Continue reading

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The UK Storm of Dec 5-6 2013

This post will present evidence that strong tides were a primary cause of  the December 5/6 storm that surged down the North Sea last winter.  The first observation to be noted is the remarkable coincidence that all of the UK December storms coincided with maxima … Continue reading

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How the moon affects the weather

I aim to demonstrate in this series of posts that ever changing gravitational tides influence the flow of the polar Jet Stream thereby changing weather patterns at high latitudes. Such effects should be included in global circulation models to improve medium range … Continue reading

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