April Global Temperature Anomaly falls to 0.96C

April global average temperatures have fallen back from the peak in March 2023 to 0.96C .

Global Monthly temperature anomalies on a baseline of 1961-1990

There is some evidence of a developing El Nino but there were cool temperatures in North America and central Asia.

Cool conditions in North America plus some evidence of a new El Nino

After the first 4 months the yearly average is 0.96C

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Tom Nelson Podcast

Tom Nelson kindly invited me to give a podcast as part of his series of  “sceptical/critical” climate change opinions .  I agree that human economic progress has damaged the natural world and  consequently changed slightly the  climate.  However I oppose the the idea that this is some sort of some sort of climate emergency.  Ice ages were far worse.

Early hominoids were almost wiped out by the last ice age. Temperatures have risen by nearly 1C  since pre-industrial times but the current Net Zero propaganda of imminent doom is total nonsense.  The analogy is like lemmings jumping off a cliff !

If we are to maintain human wellbeing, we need a realistic energy plan. Long term that can realistically only be based on nuclear energy,  eventually nuclear fusion. Renewable energy alone can never work because it can’t renew its infrastructure.  That is  because it violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Wind turbines cannot  renew themselves because they can’t also mine the iron ore,  smelt the steal, manufacture the  concrete, repair access roads.  dredge rivers etc, etc.

Here it is .


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March 2023 Global Temperatures

The average global temperature anomaly in March was 1.16 C – a significant rise from February.

The main features were:

  1. The ending of La Nina
  2. Above average temperatures in central Asia and the Arctic.
  3. Western US and Canada colder than normal.

These are the monthly temperatures updated to March 2023

Monthly temperatures including March 2023

After the first 3 months of 2023 the average temperature for 2013 is now 0.96C above the 1961-1990 baseline.

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