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PhD High Energy Physics Worked at CERN, Rutherford Lab, JET, JRC, OSVision

Temperature update for August 2022

The global average temperature anomaly for August 2022 was 0.93C which is a slight rise of 0.07C  from July. The annual temperature anomaly for the first 8 months remains unchanged at 0.85C using a standard 1961-1990 baseline. So 2022  looks … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Update for July

There has been a slight drop in the July global average temperature (anomaly) of 0.05C from June to 0.87C. The annual average remains unchanged at 0.85C. These figures are always relative to a baseline average of 1961 – 1990. There … Continue reading

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June global temperature is 0.91C after a fall in May to 0.80C

La Nina continues to dominate global temperatures up to June 2022 bringing cold temperatures to Eastern Australia. The global May temperature (anomaly) was 0.80C and June was 0.91 C. The data used are GHCNV4 and HADSST4 and the method is … Continue reading

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