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Climate Sensitivity to CO2

The decadal trend in global temperatures shows  a clear almost linear increase since the 1970s. We can compare this increase to that of CO2 in the atmosphere. One sees a nearly proportional agreement between temperature and CO2 after ~1970. However … Continue reading

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Decadal Temperature Update

Long term temperature trends are best visualised on decadal timescales. This is because it smooths out short term local effects caused for example by ENSO and other ocean oscillations. My method to achieve this in a consistent way uses an … Continue reading

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September Global Temperature Anomaly was 0.82C

Global temperatures fell in September by 0.1C to 0.82 C  above the 1961-1990 baseline. The annual temperature after 9 months remains unchanged at 0.85C There remains a strong La Nina affecting mainly the Southern Hemisphere. Central Eurasia temperatures were also … Continue reading

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