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June global temperature is 0.91C after a fall in May to 0.80C

La Nina continues to dominate global temperatures up to June 2022 bringing cold temperatures to Eastern Australia. The global May temperature (anomaly) was 0.80C and June was 0.91 C. The data used are GHCNV4 and HADSST4 and the method is … Continue reading

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AR6 Climate “Muddles”

ATTP has a new post which highlights a fundamental problem with increasing complexity of AR6 climate models. This is based on a new article in Nature by Zeke Hausfather et al . Some of the latest models in AR6 are … Continue reading

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April global temperature drops to 0.77C

The global average temperature anomaly for April 2022 dropped by 0.2C  since March to 0.77C (1961-1990 baseline). The highest monthly temperature ever recorded was 1.23C  in March 2016. North America shows much cooler temperatures since March with a strong La … Continue reading

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