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Spherical temperature averaging using Icosahedral grids

I reckon that Spherical triangulation of monthly global temperatures is by far the most honest way to present temperature data, but it has one drawback. You cannot make annual or longterm averages because the triangular mesh is forever changing from one month to another. To make such … Continue reading

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3D visualisation of Earth Science data

WebGL is a Javascript implementation of OpenGL which runs via your web browser locally on your graphics hardware. Nick Stokes has developed an interface to visualise 3D global  data such as temperatures on the earth. Here is an example for my March 2017 data. … Continue reading

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Temperature trends map

The map below shows the geographic distribution of post 1990 temperature trends derived from station data contributing to HadCrut3 global temperature anomalies. The Had/CRU anomalies are relative to the period 1960-1989 so they all measure warming/cooling relative to that baseline. … Continue reading

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