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Tom Nelson Podcast

Tom Nelson kindly invited me to give a podcast as part of his series of  “sceptical/critical” climate change opinions .  I agree that human economic progress has damaged the natural world and  consequently changed slightly the  climate.  However I oppose … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Update for July

There has been a slight drop in the July global average temperature (anomaly) of 0.05C from June to 0.87C. The annual average remains unchanged at 0.85C. These figures are always relative to a baseline average of 1961 – 1990. There … Continue reading

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Global Temperatures so far (March 2021)

HadSST3 has finally been updated for February and March so I can calculate global temperatures based on spherical triangulation. So far 2021 is running much cooler that 2020. The temperatures for the first 3 months of the year are: Jan … Continue reading

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