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Oxygen – provider of life.

Why does the air contain oxygen and where did it all originally come from? A new book ‘OXYGEN’ by Donald Canfield helps explain. No¬†animal life from insects to fish to humans could ¬†have evolved or survive before oxygen first appeared … Continue reading

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Lapse rate feedback

In the tropics the tropopause is much higher in altitude than in temperate regions. The reason is for this is that warm ocean surfaces cool by evaporation moving latent heat upwards where it heats the upper atmosphere through condensation. The … Continue reading

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UK Temperatures since 1933 – part 2

This a joint post with Euan Mearns In this post we present evidence that suggests 88% of temperature variance and one-third of net warming observed in the UK since 1956 can be explained by cyclical change in UK cloud cover. … Continue reading

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