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UK Peak Power 2022/23

I have been monitoring  the power generation for the UK National Grid since 2000. Here is an update covering the period between November 2022 until February 20th 2023. Note that I have also generously corrected for wind power by factoring … Continue reading

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Wind Lulls

The installed capacity of  UK Wind farms is currently 25GW.  The business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng proposes to at least double that number, but there is a basic problem which seemingly everyone overlooks – Wind Lulls. Sometimes high pressure sits over … Continue reading

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Steven Koonin v Andrew Desler

I have just read the book “Unsettled” by Steven Koonin a Caltech Physicist who has a long academic, industrial and political career. Of course he agrees that CO2 emissions have a warming effect, but he argues that many of the … Continue reading

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