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Tidal effects on the Jet Stream this winter

The “Beast from the East” blast of freezing temperatures resulted from a strong kink in the Jet Stream dragging Siberian air over Europe. This was evident by a sharp drop in the Arctic Oscillation coincident with strong tides over northern … Continue reading

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Could the moon have played a role in UK’s heat wave ?

An ‘Omega’ pattern of Jet Stream Rosby waves developed in early July dragging hot air up from Spain. This ┬ácoincided with a full moon with maximum summer tides. I am no meteorologist but even I can understand how this ‘Omega … Continue reading

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Tidal effects in polar regions

The tidal force acting on the oceans generates tidal currents due to the tractional component parallel to the surface. This is because horizontally there is no net gravitational force acting to counteract motion. This tractional force reaches a maximum at … Continue reading

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