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That Heathrow temperature record ?

The record highest ever recorded July temperature by the Met Office at Heathrow Airport was given huge media coverage. The record was broken during one single heat spike that lasted just over 20 minutes between 14:06 and 14:30. What caused that heat … Continue reading

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Could the moon have played a role in UK’s heat wave ?

An ‘Omega’ pattern of Jet Stream Rosby waves developed in early July dragging hot air up from Spain. This  coincided with a full moon with maximum summer tides. I am no meteorologist but even I can understand how this ‘Omega … Continue reading

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Central England Temperature Anomalies

The Met Office reports  that 2014 was the warmest year in the 354 year series of temperature measurements in central england. Ed Hawkins also has a post on this. So is it true and what does it really mean? Well 2014 does … Continue reading

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