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Evidence of a tidal effect on the Polar Jet Stream

Preamble: Our  paper has finally been published in Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment. It proved to be controversial with ACP, but I am 95% certain that lunar tides affect both weather and medium term climate. C.H. Best and R. Madrigali Abstract Variations in the Polar Jet Stream … Continue reading

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Controlled Nuclear Fusion

If nuclear fusion can be tamed on earth then it offers the potential of limitless energy for the foreseeable future.  We saw in the previous post how all the elements on earth were fused in a massive star that exploded before our … Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion – Part 1

Nuclear fusion is the process which builds up the elements in the periodic table starting from hydrogen. Newton wasted years of his life on Alchemy, fooled like many others into believing that a purely chemical process could convert lead into gold. Elements … Continue reading

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