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Global temperature update – April 2023

Average temperatures fell 0.1C in April to a value of 0.85C relative to the 1961-1990 baseline. This results in an annual average after the 4 months of 0.94C. The developing El Nino seems to have stalled in April Finally a … Continue reading

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Does the focus on one iconic global temperature plot make sense?

The iconic plot of Global Mean Surface Temperature (GMST), such as figure 1 above which is taken from the article, Indicators of Global Climate Change 2022, form the focus and principle argument for action to combat Climate Change. This plot is … Continue reading

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Toba Supervolcano

The Toba  “super volcanic”  eruption 74,000 years ago had a massive impact on human evolution.  In size it dwarfed  Krakatoa and Tambora emitting 2,800 cubic km (about 670 cubic miles) of ash and lava or about about 200 times larger … Continue reading

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