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Power generation Summer 2023

Most of this summer saw variable weather and short spells of windy conditions across the UK, followed by a very hot spell at the beginning of September with little to no wind. The consequent sudden changes in wind power output … Continue reading

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July 2023 “Global Boiling” Panic

Exaggerated claims of unusual temperatures Summer 2023 saw a great deal of media fuss about excessive temperatures using plots such as figure 1, from the website Climate Reanalyzer. This display shows that the temperature on 4 July 2023 was 17.2°C, … Continue reading

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July 2023 global temperature anomaly was 1.20C

July’s global temperature anomaly of 1.20C was the third  highest temperatures in the series since February 2016 (1.26C) and  March 2016 (1.23C). A strong El Nino has developed similar to that in 2016 The average annual temperature for 2023 can … Continue reading

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