Global temperature update for April 2024

The monthly global temperature anomaly using a baseline of 1961-1990 shows a small drop from it’s peak value of 1.6C in September 2023 to 1.21C.

This is probably due to  a decline in the strong El Nino as shown below

This plot shows temperatures calculated by spherical triangulation of GHCN combined with the HadSST4 sea surface temperature data

It’s too early to say what the annual temperature will end up as but if this cooling trend continues then it is unlikely to be significantly warmer than 2023.


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2 Responses to Global temperature update for April 2024

  1. Euan Mearns says:

    Very interesting Clive. The recent spike is rather different to previous spikes given its longevity. Despite knowing many pre-eminent physicists I cannot draw any to comment. Do you think the whole spike is down to El Niño or is it possible Hunga Tonga also has an effect?

  2. Clive Best says:

    I personally think it must have boosted temperatures beyond an El Nino effect. There are mixed views on this. is positive and was even reported in Carbon Brief

    Recently though another Nature paper tries to minimalise its effect

    Of course I think it must have had an effect because water vapour is a strong greenhouse gas and must affect the energy balance also in the troposphere.

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