Dental Work Finished

On Monday I went back to the dentist to fit my new crown on the tooth that had given me hell when I arrived (see earlier post). The crown came in a small box with Chinese writing on it and as promised it was ready within 4 weeks. It has now been fitted and feels perfect – it protects the sensitive core of the tooth which had cracked previously and I can even eat cold things again. All in all the dentist did a great job. He did a much better job than my dentist in Italy who had aggravated the problem in the first place.

So then I paid the bill !

In all I have had the first visit which lasted 1.5 hours. Then I went back 2 more times to adjust the temporary crown, and finally I had the visit to fit the crown of 30 minutes. Then I had to pay for the crown itself which is top quality ceramic and hand-made .

In Italy this would cost a minimum of 2000 euros. I paid 170 euros for everything !! I think you would pay that for a check-up and a clean in Italy.

So I recommend anyone needing complex and expensive treatment to fly to Ethiopia for a week’s holiday and still save several hundred euros.

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  1. Taye says:

    We now found another great attraction for Tourists in Ethiopia….We will remember your role forever!!!

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