GHCN August 2018 temp = 0.69C

Global temperatures for August 2018 were 0.69C based on merging GHCNV3 and HadSST3, and using spherical triangulation. The baseline for temperature anomalies is 1961-1990.

The annual average so far (8 months) for 2018 is 0.66C. 2018 is continuing a post el Nino cooling correction.

The blue line shows a 0.125C per decade warming trend. The spatial distribution of temperature anomalies is shown below.

a) NH b) SH

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  2. Eddie Garrity says:

    There is a typo in the Annual average Global temperature anomalies graph. In the graph it shows 0.125C/year, instead of 0.0125C/year.

  3. stuartlarge says:

    Great post. Clive I have been reading your thoughts on lapse rate, 2012.
    2 thoughts, creation of a star doesn’t a heat source just sufficient material and gravity.
    The other one is the 2nd law of themodynamics about equilibrium of entropy, which is why heat does not flow with lapse rate.

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