Global Temperatures so far (March 2021)

HadSST3 has finally been updated for February and March so I can calculate global temperatures based on spherical triangulation.

So far 2021 is running much cooler that 2020. The temperatures for the first 3 months of the year are:

Jan 0.65C (down 0.01C from Dec 2020 and 0.31 from Nov 2020)
Feb 0.52C (further drop of 0.16C)
Mar 0.65C (rise of 0.13C)

Monthly Global temperatures

Based on the first 3 months there has also been a large drop in the “annual” temperature of ~0.3C compared to 2020,  back to levels seen 15 years ago (2005).

Annual global temperatures 2021 is based on just the first 3 months.

Here is a spatial distributions for March.

Much of the Southern Hemisphere temperatures are actually even lower than the 1961-1990 average temperature.

I may convert to  HadSST4 once HadCRUT5 becomes operational. However this update yet again increases warming trends (surprised?)

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  1. Nick Stokes says:

    Hi Clive,
    OT, but I found an error in my blended TAS/TOS CMIP6, which you downloaded. I have posted an update. It is different from the noisiness issue that you mentioned.

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