A collection of posts regarding the CO2 greenhouse effect and AGW

  1. The atmosphere
  2. Radiative Forcing of CO2
  3. The CO2 GHE demystified
  4. A simple model of the CO2 greenhouse effect
  5. Updated CO2 Greenhouse Model
  6. Why CO2 is not the cause of “Hothouse Venus”
  7. Logarithmic dependence of temperature on CO2 levels
  8. CO2 greenhouse effects
  9. Doubling CO2 and basic physics
  10. Radiative Equilibrium & Convection
  11. Effective Emission Height
  12. Mars Greenhouse effect
  13. Thermal inertia and climate feedbacks
  14. Tracking down climate feedbacks
  15. Carbon Magic

5 Responses to CO2 GHE

  1. jerry stockton says:

    I was reading your February 2011 post on CO2 doubling. As a person who has worked with CO2 lasers for years I am confused by almost all of the analysis I read. As you point out, CO2 absorbs most of its energy in the 15 micron band. My experience tells me that it reradiates the energy between 9 and 10 microns which is in the middle of the earths transparent “zone” That would tend to make me believe that the reradiated energy would remove itself rather than warm. Where am i wrong here.

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  4. Yeah that seems about right.

    What if we can start clawing greenhouse gases back?


  5. Hammad says:

    Hello dear hope you are fine i want to know life of atmospheric carbon dioxide.Answer or share some literature related life of atmospheric carbon dioxide

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