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2 Responses to Moon

  1. Mr Best, I found your simplified UK Electricity generation (almost real time tool) in a search. I like the clear layout, but wonder why the wind dial over estimates the neta values (which are stated as the source) by approx 30 to 50 % ?? Have you added in some component for unmetered wind generation? If so what is the proportion and where have you derived the data?

    Best Regards

    Phil Williams

    • Clive Best says:

      You are quite right. The meter shows exactly 46% more than the live metered wind output from the National grid balancing mechanism. This is because only the largest wind farms are metered. There are about 600 smaller wind farms ranging from 1 up to to 40 turbines that have a connection to the regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and are paid ‘Feed-In Tariffs’ (FITS). Their effect is to appear as a reduction in demand. Therefore to be correct we should fold in this FIT contribution to calculate the total wind power production. I calculated all this in Untangling UK Wind power production The net effect is an increase in the live metered power by 46%. That is why my meter now shows the higher corrected value.

      That still does not imply that wind energy makes any long term sense, as I doubt strongly that it does.

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