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Central England Temperatures – Spring Record

The Met Office announced that this Spring saw record temperatures in  Wales and Northern Ireland. England was 2nd warmest behind 2011, while Scotland was  fifth warmest. However it was the Central England Temperature (CET) record which seems to have hit … Continue reading

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Ocean Heat Content variability.

Kevin Trenberth once claimed that the hiatus in warming from 1998 to 2014 was simply due to ‘missing’ heat being sequestered in the oceans. The annual global heat content to 700m indeed did show a rise, as estimated by measured temperature profile … Continue reading

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CET temperature trends

UK temperatures essentially show no obvious warming for July over the last  365 years. There has however been a small warming effect in  January since 1970, which may just be related to rapid population growth. The Central England Temperature (CET) measurements is the longest continuous … Continue reading

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